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Interview with Viktoria Tauberger from Mantra of Balance

Use your own healing path as inspiration for your calling: Viktoria Tauberger is a certified nutritionist with a focus on intestinal health. In this interview she tells us about her healing journey and her work as a nutritionist.

Thank you for taking the time for an interview.Please start by introducing yourself:

Who are you and what do you do?

Hello, thank you very much for the invitation! My name is Viktoria Tauberger, born in 86 and I am a holistic, certified nutritionist with a focus on intestinal health. Actually, I come from a completely different area. I studied economics up to my master's degree and then worked for a few years in the automotive industry in the area of ​​project management/budget control. Over the last 10 years, I have dealt very intensively with holistic physical and mental health based on my own suffering. At work I quickly realized that this was no longer my world, my values ​​have changed dramatically in the last few years, especially since my big one-year trip to Southeast Asia in 2015, so that I now define success and happiness completely differently . So I took a lot of courage and ended my very well-paid job and my heart's mission at the end of 2019 “Mantra of Balance” founded to dedicate myself to my great passion and more To create awareness of intestinal health, healthy eating and a positive mindset . I now help people get rid of food intolerances, allergies and intestinal problems in a natural, sustainable way.

You are a holistic nutrition and health coach, what exactly does that mean and what does it include?

My understanding of health is based on a holistic approach from naturopathy. This means that not only the symptoms should be considered, but the person as a whole of body, mind and soul. The cause of a problem usually lies somewhere else than the symptom occurs. However, symptoms can be very good guides to solving the problem. I have experienced it myself for years that conventional medicine tends to “silence” a problem or symptom with medication. However, this does not cure the cause. Everything is connected to each other. Our psyche, for example, has an extremely high influence on our intestines and our entire body. For example, it doesn't help in the long term to eat healthily, detoxify, do exercise but not look at your past stress. We not only have to free our bodies from harmful substances, but also our thought and belief patterns. Therefore, my health and nutrition advice takes into account physical, mental and emotional factors. In this way, body, mind and soul can be brought into harmony. When coaching, I not only focus on gut-healthy nutrition, intestinal building and detoxification, but also address stress management and topics such as self-acceptance and self-love. Because without self-love everything is a waste. I know this very, very well from my own experience!

You have a long history of suffering behind you yourself, would you like to tell us a little about it?

Yes, as a child I suffered from migraines, difficulty breathing, caught every cold, had skin blemishes, weak hair growth and some allergies. I even went to spa for several weeks when I was 10 (North Sea) and 13 (Black Forest). A few more came in adulthood Intestinal problems added. No doctor could really help me. A death in my relatives due to colon cancer gave me a lot to think about. It must be possible to build up the intestines in a healthy and natural way without pharmaceuticals, i.e. preventatively! When I came across a GEO magazine by chance in 2013 about the “gut super organ”, I was immediately fascinated and began to care for and build up my intestines step by step. When I came back from my big trip in 2016, which I was also very excited about meditation , yoga and internal healing, I stopped eating meat overnight and drastically reduced my sugar, milk and wheat consumption. Totally enthusiastic about the change in diet, I completed training as a holistic nutritionist. I've been here for almost 2 years now vegan . And so in the last few years I have increasingly noticed that my allergies are about 90% cured immune system has become incredibly strong, my Skin appearance It's much better now, I have a lot more energy and my intestines and I are now a very good team. I consciously do a lot for my body and soul every day.

“Healthy gut, healthy person.” What comes to mind when you hear this statement?

Absolutely right! My favorite physician, the Greek physician Hippocrates, said around 400 BC. BC “Death is in the gut” And “The healthy gut is the root of all disease…or health” and he was so right. However, conventional medicine is still in its infancy when it comes to the subject of the intestines. It was only about 12 years ago that detailed studies on the intestine began. We know that we still know very little about this, but what we do know is that the intestine is a real “super organ”.

My favorite physician, the Greek physician Hippocrates, said around 400 BC. BC “Death is in the intestines” My favorite physician, the Greek physician Hippocrates, said around 400 BC. BC “Death is in the intestines

What does coaching look like for you, what is the process like?

You can work with me in two different ways:

1. I offer individual coaching via Zoom, either as a single appointment or as a package lasting several weeks. Depending on what is needed individually. In coaching, I take the client by the hand and first create a relationship with their own gut and body awareness. Through a step-by-step plan that includes proper nutrition, deacidification, detoxification, intestinal building and cleansing as well as relaxation and mental training, the client feels more well-being and balance in his body over time.

2. I regularly organize two large four-week group online live courses: The “Intestinal Healthy Compass” Course and “the allergy-free power course”. In these courses, participants are given a “roadmap” on how they can holistically heal their intestines or allergies step by step. It takes place live and is divided into 4 modules. There are also numerous bonuses in the package, such as my self-written recipe e-book with gut-healthy and alkaline recipes, workbooks, live recordings of the courses as videos, individual coaching and various audio training for support on a mental level. The next start dates are in January 2022.

Which people come to you?

Mainly women between 20 and 45 years old with intestinal problems, such as Leaky gut , irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, diarrhea, hormone problems , Skin problems , allergies, food intolerances and negative beliefs that prevent you from leading a life in balance.

What is your personal tip for a good gut feeling?

Build awareness of your own body, reflect more about yourself, your job, your relationships, your strengths, accept yourself and learn to love yourself. And of course on a physical level: avoiding acid-forming foods, such as animal products, wheat, processed foods and sugar.

What would you like to tell our readers?

Be proud of yourself, never compare yourself to others. You are perfect the way you are and you are unique! Thank your body because it is the temple of your soul and treat it as such.

Where can our readers best contact you and find out more about you?

You can find out more about me on Instagram @mantraofbalance and my website and contact me either via a PM on my Instagram account or email

Thank you, dear Viktoria, for the exciting interview!

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