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Discover your microbiome with the myBioma analysis

With our test, you'll quickly enhance your well-being and quality of life. It reveals the bacteria residing in your gut and their respective functions. You'll receive personalized recommendations tailored to your results, aimed at fortifying your microbiome through dietary and lifestyle adjustments.

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Your microbiome has an influence on the following

Your gut serves as more than a mere digestive organ. It plays a pivotal role in your holistic well-being. Our aim is to deepen your understanding of this connection and elevate your health to new heights. Among its various impacts, your microbiome influences the following areas:

What to expect from our test

You will receive a 40-page detailed report on your gut health, including the following:

  • Information on microbial composition to understand the uniqueness of your microbiome
  • Information on your dietary type to comprehend how your gut bacteria influence your food intake
  • An analysis of your health status to understand the aspects of your health (e.g. inflammation, irritable bowel syndrome, etc.) associated with your gut bacteria
  • Personalized improvement suggestions with specific actionable recommendations
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This is why customers trust myBioma

  • Individual & personal

    Detailed report with personalised nutritional recommendations

  • Scientifically valid

    Over 1000 publications are the basis for the report

  • Most modern technology

    In-depth 16S-next-generation sequencing of all bacteria

  • Discreetly & conveniently from home

    Easy to use with step-by-step instructions

We also pride ourselves on embodying scientific excellence and driving high-quality research through close collaboration with renowned universities.

Medizinische Universität Wien
LMU München
Universität Witten
EIT Health
Scientific publications

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