With myBioma towards greater well-being and a quality of life! We know that our health starts in the gut. Our analysis highlights which bacteria inhabit your gut and what they are responsible for. We identify over 1500 different types of bacteria in each stool sample! As a result, you will also receive personalised recommendations to strengthen your microbiome with diet and lifestyle.

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myBioma Analyse-Kit

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What is going on

  • The most advanced gut microbiome analysis
  • The most in-depth report on your state of health
  • Easy to understand, personalised recommendations
  • Comfortable and discreet at home testing
  • Trusted and scientifically recognised: double ISO certified for the highest quality standards
About the test procedure

Why test

  • Gesundheit


    The balance of the gut microbiome influences the functions of your body and maintains your health.

  • Immunsystem

    Immune system

    80% of the immune system resides in the gut. The gut microbiome supports you in defending against pathogens.

  • Mentale Gesundheit

    Mental health

    The gut microbiome even influences your mood, stress and mental health.

  • Gewicht


    The gut bacteria support digestion and metabolism. Thus, they can assist you in weight loss.

  • Fitness


    A balanced gut microbiome can contribute to increasing your energy levels and promoting recovery.

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Nikolaus Gasche und Barbara Sladek

“Your gut is the seat of your health! For us, reason enough to provide you access to the most advanced microbiome analysis."

- founders Dr. Nikolaus Gasche and Barbara Sladek, PhD, MBA

myBioma is a team of bioinformaticians, natural scientists, software developers, communication experts, microbiome experts, universities, and scientific collaboration partners.

Who is myBioma?

Our extensive

Network of therapists

Find the right support and benefit from our network of healthcare professionals.

We are more than happy to connect our customers with our partner therapists.

  • Encompasses over 300 therapists
  • Verified in medicine, dietetics, and other fields
  • Specialised in the gut microbiome
  • Available in German, English, Spanish, and French
  • Extensive experience with the myBioma report
  • Video consultations possible
  • Individuell

    Individual & personal

    Detailed report with personalised nutritional recommendations

  • Wissenschaftliche Resultate

    Scientifically valid

    Over 1000 publications are the basis for the report

  • Modernste Technologie

    Most modern technology

    In-depth 16S-next-generation sequencing of all bacteria

  • Zuhause

    Simple from home

    Easy to understand from beginning to end

Mikrobiomfutter Rezepte E-Book - myBioma
Beratungsgespräch bei Katharina Bruner - myBioma
Mikrobiomfutter Rezepte E-Book - myBioma

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