Intended purpose

The scientific myBioma analysis

The myBioma gut microbiome analysis is based on the analysis of microbial DNA in a stool sample. Scientific studies on the Western population and specially developed bioinformatic algorithms are used to evaluate the data. This is followed by the presentation of the test results. This is an online-based application that enables customers to better understand their own microbiome. In addition to the visualization of the test results, customers receive individual recommendations for action. The evaluations and recommendations for action can be provided as a basis for further investigations or recommendations. myBioma assumes no liability for the results.

Since the myBioma analysis is based on scientific studies of the Western population, the evaluations are also more focused on people of European descent and may be of less relevance to people of other origins.

The myBioma analysis is a scientific lifestyle product - and not a medical product. Biome Diagnostics can support a professional medical consultation by a licensed physician or a professional nutritional consultation, but in no case replace it. Biome Diagnostics clearly and explicitly states that the test results are only a supplement and that a physician should be consulted in case of medical questions.