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This is how healthy Kombucha is for your microbiome

We had the pleasure of conducting an interview with the Berlin start-up KOMBUCHERY . We learned why Kombucha is so healthy and what makes KOMBUCHERY Kombucha so special. Let's get started right away!

Just introduce yourself, who are you?

KOMBUCHERY is a young startup from Berlin. We are on a mission to establish Kombucha as a healthy alternative to sugary soft drinks in Germany. That's why we lovingly produce unpasteurized kombucha in organic quality, following a tradition that's thousands of years old.

How did you come up with the idea of ​​producing kombucha?

Our founder Maximilian already knows Kombucha from his grandma. Back then, the homemade tea tasted rather boring and not particularly refreshing. In 2016, he lived in Los Angeles for work and learned to love the revolutionized form of kombucha. Still unpasteurized and lively, but naturally carbonated and mixed with fresh fruit and vegetable juices. Super refreshing and thirst-quenching. Back in Germany, this drink stuck with him and he fermented a variety of kombucha variants for friends and family. Last year we, a few good friends from Berlin, founded KOMBUCHERY. This means that unpasteurized, refreshing kombucha is finally available to the wider public.

Kombucha is trendy: What sets you apart from conventional kombucha products?

Some retail kombucha manufacturers pasteurize or filter their kombucha. This means that in the end the beneficial living cultures and bacteria, as well as the various nutrients, are killed. We don't think anything of that. Our kombucha also has up to 40% less sugar than most other kombucha manufacturers. But the good taste is not lost because we use delicious organic ingredients and ferment with natural carbon dioxide, which is gently refreshing. We also attach great importance to social responsibility and donate 5% of the proceeds per bottle sold to our NGO partner Vivacon Agua de Sankt Pauli eV for global drinking water projects.

How is your kombucha made, what exactly happens?

Our​​ Kombucha is fermented according to old traditions. We use our own kombucha cultures (symbiosis of different yeasts and bacteria). The basis of the drink is sweetened Chinese organic Sencha green tea and Indian organic FOP black tea. Our home-grown kombucha cultures are added to the mixture. Through fermentation, the sugar is metabolized and various nutrients, acids and enzymes can be created. During the second fermentation, fresh organic juices are added and sparkling natural carbon dioxide is created. As soon as the delicious sweet and sour taste is achieved, the kombucha is then filled into reusable glass bottles.

How often do you drink kombucha and why?

Of course, the KOMBUCHERY team drinks Kombucha almost every day and often not just one bottle. Our Raw Mate, for example, is the perfect alternative to coffee. It wakes you up gently and is still good for our intestines and the caffeine down that sometimes sets in after a coffee is gone. We also feel a positive effect on our intestines and not only feel refreshed but also somehow more alive after a bottle of kombucha.

Kombucha and intestinal health: What experiences have you had? Are there any studies?

There are some studies on kombucha, although they are a few years old. In all of them it is clear that the work of the Kombucha culture is truly remarkable. A variety of metabolic products can be produced during fermentation. The positive effects of kombucha are not just broken down into the individual components. Because the harmonious interaction of all components and their interactions make Kombucha a special drink. These components include, in particular, some acids that have been scientifically proven to have a health-promoting effect on the human organism.

Which bacteria exactly are contained in kombucha?

Every kombucha has a variety of bacteria, which can always vary. In addition to a variety of bacteria with complicated names such as Acetobacter xylinum or Gluconobacter oxydans, kombucha can contain probiotic lactic acid bacteria. The collection of living microorganisms can have a particularly health-promoting effect on the human organism. The intestines in particular can benefit from probiotic lactic acid bacteria. They actively support the maintenance and development of intestinal flora and at the same time strengthen the immune system.

What makes kombucha so healthy?

A variety of healthy acids, enzymes and nutrients can be produced during the fermentation of kombucha. There is hardly any other drink that is naturally refreshing and can also have a positive effect on the intestines and immune system.

Do you have any other personal tips for a healthy intestine?

Our gut is much more complex than its reputation. It is largely responsible for the immune system in the body and even has an enormous effect on our psyche. We are convinced that stress and an unhealthy lifestyle in particular can be very unhealthy for the intestines and therefore the human body in the long term. A balanced diet with freshly prepared foods and fermented foods, such as kombucha, helps to provide additional support for the intestines.

You have already tested the myBioma microbiome analysis, what are your experiences?

I actually had the pleasure of testing the myBioma microbiome analysis myself. The test in combination with the very well structured app was really interesting. Interesting questions about various eating habits and complaints etc. are asked in advance. After sending the sample, I waited anxiously for my result and was regularly updated on the latest status of the sample. My personal microbiome report was also above average. The microbial composition, nutrition and food utilization and health were excellent. The composition of the bacteria is also listed in detail. My species richness and probiotic bacteria are also above average for many people. I am very happy that a balanced diet combined with kombucha seems to ensure a healthy intestinal microbiome. The app also offers important tips for working against a wide range of complaints and really guides the user in detail. Thanks for that!

Kombucha for your microbiome

We, the myBioma team, have tested the Kombucha from KOMBUCHERY ourselves and are now absolute fans. Not only because it is so healthy for our intestines, but also because it tastes extremely delicious! We say thank you for the brilliant interview and of course we have a gift for our readers. With the voucher code: MYBIOMA15 you can test the Kombucha from KOMBUCHERY yourself and get 15% off your order! Here you can order your first delivery straight to your home or office. Well then, cheers!


This article is intended for informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical information or instructions. The recipes are intended for inspiration and are not intended as therapeutic measures. If you have any health problems, we recommend that you contact a doctor or other expert immediately.


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