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Interview with intestinal health expert Anne Albrecht

Dear Anne, thank you for taking the time for an interview. At the beginning it would be nice if you briefly introduced yourself:

Who are you and what do you do?

I'm Anne. I'm originally from Hamburg and have been living in Switzerland/Zurich for over five years. I grew up in nursing and have seen the inside of many different hospitals in Germany and Switzerland. Most recently, as a clinical, delegated specialist, I provided medical support and care to a department for abdominal surgery and its patients after major abdominal surgical procedures. After many years of experience in the medical sector, it was time for me to look for a new challenge. Since I know the time pressure in the hospital, it is a matter close to my heart to meet my customers where they are.

As a specialist in intestinal health and orthomolecular medicine, I achieve this every day with my online offering and in my own intestinal health practice in Zurich. I also work for patients and their rights in a non-profit organization. In my private life, I travel a lot in the mountains with our campervan and our dogs.

How did you come across the topic of intestinal health?

This is a very good question. The awareness of the topic of intestinal health not only comes from my practical experience in the hospital and in dealing with abdominal and intestinal patients, but also has a very personal background.

I was affected myself many years ago and had to go a long way until I finally found someone who could correctly interpret my symptoms and thus give me back my very own quality of life.

This showed me that there is still an enormous need for education and specialists in this absolutely exciting subject area. Especially because conventional medicine cannot be the sole solution and a combination with naturopathy offers so many treatment options. Because only holistic treatment has really helped me and tackled and eliminated not just the symptoms, but the causes at the root.

You combine conventional medicine with naturopathy, why?

From my own story, I know that sometimes conventional medicine just doesn't get anywhere, but sometimes it's necessary. My conventional medical knowledge of abdominal surgery is the perfect template for approaching the issue of intestinal health holistically together with naturopathy and thus finding optimal solutions for my customers.

I combine the best of both and take my customers seriously and give them the space and time they need. Unfortunately, there is often no room for this in conventional medicine these days.

What does it mean to you to work holistically?

My customers receive very personal, individual advice and treatment online and in my practice. I'm not a fan of formulas or therapies that are created from a thousand different nutritional supplements.

For me it is extremely important to see people as a whole. I don't just want to treat the symptoms, I want to really get to the root of the problem and solve the cause.

Each of my patients is treated with concepts that are individually tailored to their problem and are therefore optimally cared for and supported on their key to the path.

“Healthy gut, healthy person.” What comes to mind when you hear this statement?

That's exactly how it is! Since around 80% of all diseases arise in the intestines, this statement pretty much hits the mark.

The intestine has an endless variety of tasks in the body. Not just digestion, as many still believe, no, its influence on our well-being goes far beyond that. Immune system, skin, psyche, intolerances etc. This is exactly why holistic treatment is so important. It can start with a small, mild cold caused by a weakened immune system and that's where the ball starts rolling. A healthy intestine can prevent this.

You say yourself: “There is no magic pill for me”, what exactly do you mean by that?

Exactly that. There is no magic pill that you just swallow and the intestinal problems are a thing of the past.

For me, a holistic treatment also means making my customers aware of the importance of their intestinal health so that they can independently recognize what they can do for a healthy intestine and what they should not do.

But that also means that my customers have to cooperate. An intestine does not become healthy overnight and requires appropriate attention from its owner. The coaching sessions are, so to speak, a teamwork based on mutual trust. Both coach and customer have to play their part in successfully combating the causes. A very important aspect in holistic treatment.

What does therapy or counseling look like for you, what is the process like?

That is very different. As already mentioned, my patients receive very individual care. Depending on the problem or question, what the history is and what you have already tried.

Everything starts with a conversation! First, I have a free conversation to see whether I am the right person to ask the question and whether collaboration would be an option. In further coaching units we analyze the current situation, complaints and also the current life situation. Because this is also part of a holistic treatment. Based on this, the content of the coaching is then determined or determined together with the customer. Follow-ups and emergency support are included in the package or can be requested individually.

Basically, it is always 1:1 coaching tailored directly to the person. To document progress and promote awareness, I provide you with checklists, guidelines and workbooks for collaboration and implementation. I also provide a nutrition app so that you don't neglect your enjoyment. Sounds a bit like in school, but experience shows that it really helps and that patients really cooperate and develop good, healthy intestinal awareness. Nutrition, exercise and mindfulness are given particular emphasis.

I accompany my customers throughout the entire process via WhatsApp and am always available if they have any questions. I am a motivator through and through, but successes are also celebrated together. Further online offerings such as group courses, e-books and retreats are planned for the future.

Which people come to you?

Oh, that could be pretty much anyone. The spectrum ranges from ambitious workaholics striving for more to stressed people who often forget themselves. People with autoimmune diseases who want a better quality of life or people with food intolerances. People who suffer from bowel movements or skin problems or a bloated stomach.

Often they are people who have already tried a lot and have had a long ordeal in conventional medicine. Sometimes very skeptical people, too, for exactly this reason.

What is your personal tip for a good gut feeling?

Awareness and mindfulness! Just address the taboo subject of the intestines and realize that it is not intended by nature, that you constantly feel like you have a balloon in your stomach, that going to the toilet doesn't have to be a difficult journey and that you don't always feel like you're there should feel tired, exhausted and burnt out. That you dare to get help. And of course, that you internalize the three cornerstones of intestinal health:

  1. Gut-healthy diet (which, by the way, also tastes delicious with my tried and tested app).
  1. Be mindful of yourself. Everyone should do something good for themselves every now and then.
  1. And get plenty of exercise even without running a marathon.

What would you like to tell our readers?

You dare! Don't hide if you have a problem with your stomach. Seek help, talk about it and be careful with yourself and your stomach!

Many complaints are not directly associated with the intestines. But it has now been proven that the intestines have an enormous influence on our entire body and its well-being and balance. So if you are suffering from symptoms and you can't find a solution, then it could actually be your intestines. You are also welcome to try my free and tried and tested intestinal check-up, then you will know straight away whether you are at risk and need support or not.

How and where can our readers reach you?

About my homepage:

Instagram: @ naturlichgsundzueri

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