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The causes of a disturbed gut-brain connection

A guest article by nutritionist and qualified mental trainer Carmen Crepaz

Did you know that our microbiome can influence our mood or, conversely, that our mental state can throw our intestinal flora out of balance? After all, the majority of the so-called happiness hormone serotonin is produced in the intestine. The structure of our intestinal flora has a major influence on our well-being and our mood and can be the cause of mental illnesses such as depression.

The communication between brain and gut

Our intestine, with its huge network of nerves, is the largest sensory organ in our body . Only in recent years has microbiome research discovered that the intestine and the brain are connected to each other via a so-called gut-brain axis. communicate. The vagus nerve is the connection for the exchange of information. Messenger substances produced by certain intestinal bacteria can influence our mood. It is assumed that changes in the intestinal flora can have long-term effects on mental health. Researchers have found that the microbiome is noticeably altered in people with mental illnesses. Conversely, people with irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease suffer noticeably often from anxiety and depression.

The causes of a disturbed gut-brain connection

The causes are probably chronic inflammation, a disturbed intestinal flora due to an unhealthy, one-sided diet or undetected food intolerances.

According to current research, stress is one of the strongest stimuli that finds its way to the intestines via the vagus nerve and causes unpleasant changes there. Acute stress requires a lot of body energy, which causes the intestines to immediately reduce digestive work, produce less mucus and reduce intestinal blood flow. Chronic stress often leads to fatigue, exhaustion, loss of appetite, malaise and diarrhea, as well as a weakening of the intestinal walls.

Nutrition, exercise and a positive mindset – three pillars of health by Carmen Crepaz

As a nutritionist and qualified mental trainer, I work primarily with middle-aged women who, in addition to weight problems, often struggle with sleep disorders, depression and irritability. These symptoms are typical of peri-menopause, the years before the actual menopause, and are caused by the change in female hormones. What strikes me is that many of these women also complain of bloating, stomach pressure and alternating between diarrhea and constipation.
An unbalanced diet, disordered eating habits, lack of exercise, stress, dissatisfaction and negative thinking can have a major impact on both our hormone balance and our gut, something that many women are not aware of. It is therefore important to me to work with women to take a closer look at their hormone status and their gut health.
myBioma offers me and my clients an optimal service for analyzing the microbiome. With the help of the findings, I can explain to my client exactly where the weak points in their intestinal flora are and thus give them the right tips on a gut-friendly diet and lifestyle. In my holistic consultation, it is important to me to focus not only on the diet itself, but also on the eating habits and the way my clients organize their daily lives . Through optimized nutrition, mindful eating habits and regular exercise that is meant to be fun, we can work together to improve hormonal symptoms and intestinal problems. Through selected mental techniques, my clients also learn to better deal with stress, daily pressures and negative thoughts and thus build up better resilience.

Carmen Crepaz is a nutritionist and qualified mental trainer

About nutritionist and qualified mental trainer Carmen Crepaz

My name is Carmen Crepaz, I am 47 years old and live with my husband and two children in Maria Anzbach in the western Vienna Woods. I am a nutritionist and qualified mental trainer. In my free time I enjoy being out in nature, hiking, mountain biking and skiing. To balance things out, I also do yoga and sing.

I mainly support women who have been trapped in the diet spiral for years and finally want to break free from it, as well as women who finally want to do something for themselves and want to enjoy their midlife with good nutrition, exercise and a positive mindset full of energy and lightness.
My practice is in Maria Anzbach and I also offer my consultations online via Zoom or Skype. Please contact me for a free initial consultation!

You can find more information on my website or contact me via email: office@carmencrepaz.com.