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Our intestines play an underestimated role in losing weight

An interview with intestinal coach Bernhard Brendinger

Bernhard Brendinger is an intestinal coach for successful weight loss and primarily helps entrepreneurs and executives on the way to their feel-good figure. In this article he tells us about his coaching program “Darm yourself slim” , how important the microbiome is for sustainably losing fat and to what extent his own life story has shaped his company.

Bernhard Brendinger's customers have one thing in common: they are busy, determined and have already achieved a lot. However, a much more important thing, namely your own well-being and health, often falls by the wayside. Who doesn't know this: you want to lose weight so that you can finally feel comfortable in your own body again, spend a carefree time with your children and button up your shirt without it being tight in the wrong places.

However, achieving these goals seems to be an impossible task for many people. Bernhard's customers have usually already tried a few things themselves to overcome their inner weaker self. Diets and other weight loss cures have not yet had lasting success, which is why they rely on the intestinal coach's expertise. With his concept of gut-friendly nutrition, Bernhard has already helped many people not only achieve their comfortable weight, but also maintain it. In this interview, Bernhard explains to us why he focuses on intestinal health with his customers.

You can find out how you can improve the ratio of your Firmicutes (hip gold bacteria) and Bacteriodetes (slimming bacteria) and what the ratio of Firmicutes to Bacteriodetes looks like in your intestine myBioma microbiome analysis experience.

Welcome to myBioma , dear Bernhard!

Losing weight without dieting and spending a lot of time is your slogan on your website. That almost sounds too good to be true. How can this work?

I have tried many diets in my past and found that they always resulted in the well-known yo-yo effect. That's also the reason why I'm now using a completely different strategy to shed pounds sustainably. My customers and I usually don't have the time to spend hours in the kitchen, which is why I'm a big fan of "healthy fast food".

Now you have made me curious, what strategy do you use in your coaching?

As the name of my coaching program “Get Slim” suggests, I have realized what an important role the composition of your own intestinal flora plays in sustainably losing weight. If you realize that around 39 trillion bacteria live on humans and around 30 trillion of them in the intestine, you can imagine that these bacteria have a say in our digestion.

In your book “Darm Dich Slim” you write about “slimming bacteria” and “hip gold bacteria”. What's it all about?

We currently know about 1,000 different strains of bacteria in the intestine. Roughly speaking, the “Firmicutes” are counted among the hip gold bacteria because they draw more energy from food and can therefore promote fat storage. The “Bacteroidetes”, also known as “slimming bacteria”, can isolate carbohydrates better and transport them out of the body unused. People often talk about good and bad bacteria, but the fact is that we need both strains for a healthy intestinal environment. Ultimately, what matters is how they relate to each other and which bacterial strain predominates and thus sets the tone.

What recommendation do you have for feeding his good intestinal bacteria?

Our “slimming bacteria” love “real” and unprocessed food. These include, for example, polyphenols (secondary plant substances) which are contained in spinach or chard, among others. But prebiotic foods such as sweet potatoes , asparagus, onions and flax seeds are also on the menu for these popular bacteria.

This is how Bernhard Brandinger works with his customers

“I realized that 80% of success comes from a gut-friendly diet. “
“I realized that 80% of success comes from a gut-friendly diet. “

What exactly does collaboration with your customers look like?

Since every customer has a different everyday work routine, I work very individually. Business trips and restaurant visits (outside Corona J) must of course be taken into account in the concept. I also take different dietary habits such as a vegan diet or intolerances into account. In addition, there is a very intensive exchange via messenger or video live call where my customers can ask me their questions every day in order to discuss any open topics personally. Optionally, I also accompany my customers through intestinal cleansing.

What goals do your customers pursue?

Of course, this varies greatly from person to person. As a rule, my clients want to lose between 6-10 kilos, which is quite realistic. Others have banned the scales from their lives due to negative previous experiences, which is why we then measure other success criteria such as waist circumference.

How do your customers manage to maintain their comfortable figure even after coaching?

Since there are generally no prohibitions in my concept, there are no cravings or binge eating. The gut-friendly recipes that I provide to my customers taste really good and can be whipped up in a short amount of time. In addition, I teach them intuitive eating so that they can achieve their goals in the future without my supervision. You can imagine it like a toddler learning to walk. At the beginning you have to support it and a few weeks later it is walking all on its own.

It's clear that you're passionate about this topic! How did you come up with your business idea?

I felt uncomfortable in my body for many years and always strived for a defined body. Even though I've been training like crazy in the gym for many years, I just haven't been able to achieve this goal. One day I listened to a lecture by a psycho-neuro-immunologist and learned about the importance of the gut when it comes to burning fat. I absorbed the knowledge about intestinal health like a sponge and put the theory into practice. Lo and behold, a few weeks later I couldn't trust my own reflection. I realized that 80% of success comes from a gut-friendly diet. That was the starting signal for my business. I also studied to become a holistic health advisor at the Academy of Naturopathy in Switzerland. Ultimately, I wanted to share my knowledge with as many people as possible so that they too can achieve their comfortable figure.

Bernhard, thank you very much for taking your time. If a reader is interested in working with you, how can they contact you?

I would also like to thank you very much for this nice conversation and your invitation.

You can apply for a free initial consultation at any time via my website . I look forward to reading from you!

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