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Summer break: 10 steps to intestinal recovery

Summer is here! For many this means something quieter everyday working life and maybe a vacation or two. Wonderful, right? How about this, the warm and a little quieter one Time to recover and relax your intestines? An incredible number of people have Digestive problems and very few people know what they are doing against you upset & stressed intestines can undertake. Here we show you 10 steps , like you Regenerate your intestines over the summer and in autumn with full force you can start ahead!

1. Time for your diet

Have you been planning on doing this for a while? your diet to a healthier option to adapt but never had the time? Now is the right moment came! Incorporate healthy foods into your diet step by step. Especially important for yours Microbiome are there Sources of fiber , lots of fresh foods Vegetables and fruit .

"Lots of colorful vegetables are rich in fiber and vitamins - exactly what you need in your diet ."

fiber are components of your food that your intestines do not alone digest can, but where he relies on your help Reliant on intestinal bacteria is. This has two advantages: The more complex digestion means you stay full longer and eats fewer “empty” calories. In addition, fiber is one Food source for healthy intestinal bacteria – so you strengthen your microbiome! You can find fiber mainly in... Whole grain products, linseed, oats , lots of colorful vegetables and, to a lesser extent, fruit. They are particularly good for your intestinal bacteria Artichokes, garlic, leeks, onions, asparagus, whole grains and Bananas . (1)

2. Slow transition

One Diet change It's not that easy. Don't overwhelm yourself yourself by setting strict rules for yourself from one day to the next. It is much more important to give you and your body this to give yourself the necessary time to adapt to new tastes and, above all, one to get used to the new everyday life . So that you can successfully demonstrate new patterns, think about it simple processes : How about a new one, for example healthy breakfast muesli that protects you and your intestinal bacteria regularly sweetened the day? Try it on pasta Whole wheat pasta and with rice on colorful ones Brown rice to switch. If you can do that, you have already done a lot for your intestines.

Chocolate porridge with raspberries for the intestinal microbiome or intestinal flora

A fiber-rich muesli is the perfect start to the day for you and your intestinal bacteria!

3. Sun, nature & fresh air

Use free days or the weekend get out into the fresh air get! We often forget how important it is Relaxation in nature is for our well-being. We all know the feeling after a long one Hiking day in the mountains, happy and tired in bed to fall and sleep better than I have in a long time. So fresh air is incredible important for your health – also for your microbiome. Studies have shown that Air pollution yours too Intestinal bacteria influenced and contributes to an unhealthy microbiome. Also sunshine is essential for your body – this is how you win Vitamin D , which is important for your bones and your mental state. Which brings us to the next point… (2, 3, 4)

4. Look at mind & soul

It's incredible, how closely the gut and brain are connected to each other are! For example, did you know that approx. 90% of the entire “Happiness hormone” serotonin in the intestine and not in the brain? That's why it's obvious that Intestinal problems yourself too impact on the psyche and vice versa! Especially on stress the intestines can be sensitive and with Diarrhea or constipation react. So if you want to give your intestines a recovery period, you should definitely work on yours too mental state think. If you are often under stress and can hardly relax, you could Meditation and yoga help. But also Time just for you and a hobby can work wonders. Plan half an hour every day just for yourself with a cup of coffee or a healthy lemonade to find you . (5)

5. Exercise puts you in a good mood!

While we're on the topic of yoga, let's move on to the next point: So that it's yours Body If he can go well, he has to moved regularly become! We are not built for working on the PC, but actually for running and exercise. Don't worry, you don't have to become a professional athlete. Stated by the World Health Organization 2.5 hours moderate exertion per week are sufficient – that means, for example, jogging or cycling twice. Yours too Intestines need sufficient movement – if your body never gets going, your intestines will also become more and more sluggish and dissatisfied. Think about it what sport you like could and am looking for one weekday from who yours more regular Swimming, running or climbing evening. (6)

Yoga by the sea reduces stress for the intestinal flora Exercise and relaxation in the fresh air will help you reduce stress and allow your intestines to recover.

6. Set meal times

Do you know the feeling that your Intestines are just overwhelmed and just needs some peace and quiet? That's not so rare: often eat we irregular, too much and late at night. The intestine is thereby in its regular activity disrupted . Two steps can help here. Intermittent fasting is one option for the body regular meal breaks and thus time for digestion, but also for Regulation of metabolism admit. If you eat within 8 hours during the day and don't consume any calories for the remaining 16 hours, you are promoting your health and can even do so Counteract cardiovascular diseases and cancer . Because constant eating doesn't allow the body to rest accelerates cell aging . Try yourself Get used to fixed meal times And, for example, plan to only eat between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. - that's only a 14-hour break from eating, but that's also a big support for your body. (7)

7. Try an intestinal cleanse

Want your intestines offer complete peace and set it back to zero? You could do this with an intestinal cleanse. This is what you eat for two to three days only freshly pressed Juices from vegetables and fruits . This works best with one Juicer with which you can make juices from carrots, cucumber, fennel, oranges, apples and much more. This means your Colon as well as do no work . By eating healthy and easily digestible food the days before and after the juice cleanse, you give your body time to adjust to the intestinal cleanse. It is important that this type of intestinal treatment only for normal weight, healthy adults is suitable and older people, pregnant women and people with poor circulation should avoid it. It must also be noted that it no reliable studies on this topic gives. Many people still report positive experiences and there can hardly be any damage to suitable people. If you want to try a colon cleanse, pay attention absolutely on it plenty of water to drink.

Chalkboard with time Eating at regular times is pleasant for your intestines.

8. Strengthen the microbiome

A healthy microbiome is for a balanced The guts are all about it ! But what constitutes a healthy microbiome? The intestinal bacteria should as diverse as possible be, so many different species with different abilities should live in your intestines. This is how your bacteria can... best aid in digestion and they stay too resistant to stress . With us you have the opportunity to test your microbiome . This will help you find out whether your intestinal bacteria are doing well and maintaining it individual tips For improvement.

9. Take a break from alcohol

Alcohol plays a large role in social gatherings, although it is in Harmful to health in large quantities is. Most people know that alcohol is of the Liver broken down and therefore can cause the most damage there. Did you know that alcohol can also harm you? cause intestinal problems can? When we drink, the alcohol naturally goes to the intestines first before the liver. He can do it there Damage the intestinal mucosa by weakening cell cohesion and Mucous membrane more permeable becomes. That can lead to a leaky gut syndrome . Especially when you give your intestines a... Treat yourself to relaxation If you want it, it makes sense to leave it on for two to four weeks to avoid alcohol . But that doesn't mean you have to give up alcohol completely. Rather, it's about one moderate and responsible behavior with alcohol. (9)

10. Be kind to your body!

Finally, we want to tell you that These tips help with intestinal recovery and relaxation meant to be. So be kind to your body and try Don't frantically implement everything we suggest to you. It is much better to find tips that make sense for you and implement them. Make yourself not too much pressure Maintaining your intestines healthy – as already explained, leads stress just lead to more intestinal problems. We wish you lots of relaxation and fun in your summer and hope you enjoy the beautiful sunny days!

We wish you lots of fun and relaxation this summer! We wish you lots of fun and relaxation this summer!


This article is intended for informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical information or instructions. The recipes are intended for inspiration and are not intended as therapeutic measures. If you have any health problems, we recommend that you contact a doctor or other expert immediately.


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